Choose your battles

Written by Chen Hindi

On October 20, 2021

There’s so much that you can know about your campaigns that instead of data being useful, it is actually overwhelming for most businesses I meet. 

So here’s the deal – like in life, you need to choose your battles. 

Understand which metrics are vanity and which ones are actionable, and the most important types of metrics – the ones that are meaningful for YOUR business. 

Never mind how many likes you have on your Facebook page, if you’re getting the number of qualified leads you expected. 

Forget about the number of posts published, if you see the growth in LinkedIn followers you aimed for.

The CPA on your Google campaigns shouldn’t disturb you if you know for a fact that many people call you because they found you on search*.

You need to focus on the essence, all the rest is noise, and by all means – don’t give up on all the data because it’s too much to handle, just choose what you know can help your efforts to build and grow your business. 

*Yes yes for the marketers in the back – I know you can monitor that as well and even create a Google Forwarding Number.

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