Community management efforts do pay off

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 4, 2022

Community management (engaging with people on your social media pages – replying to their messages, comments, reviews, etc) is by far one of the most overlooked aspects of social media for businesses. 

Some think it’s not important, not beneficial and “who needs to reply to all these keyboard heroes anyways?”.

Instead of convincing you why it’s important, I’m sharing the below screenshots showing the websites’ traffic on some of the companies we work with (all are Facebook examples in this case) – 

The “fb / com” is traffic that came from links we add within our replies.

The “fb / pmreply” is traffic that came from private messages and “fb / autoreply” are the automatic messages sent to people outside of working hours. 

As you can see – our CM efforts pay off. Even if people don’t reply to our replies – it’s quite clear they’re still engaging with the brands. 

Needless to say, you need to know how to write good replies, adapt them to the platform and most importantly – be consistent, but that part is not complicated… then, it’s a no brainer – your business WILL benefit from it. 

utm_parameters_facebook_google analytics

You win, and then you win!

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