Where to begin

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 14, 2022

I’m being asked quite often by founders, business owners, managers the question of “where to begin” with digital marketing for their business. 

Here’s my answer in 4 simple steps –

1. Understand the space* – you don’t need to become an expert, but it is important you’ll understand what is online marketing and what are the platforms that you can use to send your message through.

2. Ask yourself where is your target audience’s attention in this space – are they using emails? Spending time watching videos on YouTube? Are they searching on Google? Do they open Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or TikTok for their daily dosage of social media?

3. Once you identify the platforms your audience is on – make priorities. Most businesses I meet, especially the small/medium ones don’t have the resources to be on all the platforms they identified. That’s totally OK. Choose the top 2 or 3 you CAN cater for, you’ll work your way from there.

4. Understand why people login to these platforms so you can then create content that will make them engage with your brand. Engagement is your holy grail and what works for email marketing won’t work for LinkedIn or a search ad.

And lastly, the secret ingredient to almost any recipe for (long term) success – be consistent.

*The below bird’s eye view of online marketing will help you to understand the space and some of the platforms available for you:

digital marketing platforms

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