Face the Keyboard Warriors

Written by Chen Hindi

On May 31, 2023

If someone enters your showroom/store now and starts swearing, what would you do? 

I don’t know what your answer to this question is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not “I’ll ignore the person”.

So why is it when it comes to social media for business pages, far too many businesses ignore, delete or hide abusive, aggressive, or violent comments? 

When users become abusive or disrespectful on your social media page, it’s important for you to take a stand for your brand. 

By responding to them, you can actually keep them at bay because they usually don’t expect a reply. 

Don’t be afraid to face these keyboard warriors head-on.


Unfortunately, we all feel less guarded behind keyboards. The case is not different for people interacting with your business; in fact – it might be even worse considering that people perceive businesses only as entities driven by profit. When users are abusive or disrespectful on your social media page, you can and should stand up for your brand. Replying to them will actually keep them at bay as they don’t expect you to respond. Don’t be afraid to face the keyboard warriors. #communitymanagement #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips #socialmediaforbiz #socialmediaforbusiness #socialmediaforbusinesses #learnontiktok #businesstok #chenhindi

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