Two smart ways to repost your Facebook videos

Written by Chen Hindi

On May 29, 2023

Many businesses are unaware that they can repost videos on Facebook in smarter ways than simply hitting the share button.

The first option is that you can create new posts with old videos. This way, you still get to keep all the views it has; however, you can use a new post with new text to share it.

The second option is that you can crosspost videos between two business pages. For example, you can crosspost videos between your page and your collaborators, partners, and companies in your group. Similarly, the video retains all the views it has when you create the post on the other page, and any new views will be added to the overall count of the video’s views.

Both options are great, and I wish other platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn would allow them.


There are two smart ways that you can repost videos on your Facebook for business page instead of simply resharing it. First, you can repost a video that has been posted before by creating a new post with it. The new post can be fully customized, but you will still retain the views that the video has already accumulated. Secondly, you can crosspost videos between business pages. That means, you will be publishing a video from one of your partners or collaborators as a new post on your page, while retaining all the views it has already received. #facebookcrossposting #facebookvideo #facebookbusinesssuite #facebookforbusiness #facebookmarketing #chenhindi #facebooktrainer #facebookcoach #facebookforbusinesscoach #facebookforbusinesstrainer #learnontiktok @Facebook

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