If you want it to happen – there’s one thing you need to do.

Written by Chen Hindi

On November 11, 2020

We all have goals, targets, stuff that we want to do and accomplish.

They could be small goals*: test your idea for this website (and put it live), do this business collaboration, start using this complicated tool that you know will save you time… but there are always more important things: a high priority campaign, a day full of meetings that exhaust you, bigger projects you’re working on.

There’s just never a good time to start.

Here’s the thing: when you force yourself to deliver at a specific date, it does magic.

When I wanted to build an online marketing glossary – I said out loud** to my team that from this date I will write 10 terms every day. A few weeks later we had 200+ terms online.

When I wanted to build my website, I said to myself that it has to be live before a specific event.

As my monthly running goal is 100km, I have to run 3 times a week, so you can imagine how every week I run both on Saturday and Sunday.

If you put a deadline for each target and for each step of the process, it will be harder to keep procrastinating yourself and then – you’ll get things done.

*I believe that as it’s very hard to know where to start with the bigger goals, breaking them into smaller targets is very practical to eventually bring us where we want. 

**If you’ll say these targets and their deadlines out loud you have an even better chance at achieving them. Saying it to others makes you more committed to deliver.

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