It’s NOT a Vending Machine

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 30, 2021

Here’s part #2 from “Social Media & Contextual Insights”, about the challenges businesses face within the context of social media.

“The most basic thing, and that’s my personal opinion, is that businesses miss out if they don’t invest in their social media presence

It’s not only inexpensive, accessible, and offers specific targeting but it’s also a great place to test ideas. Whether it’s product ideas, messaging framework or just design direction. 

The challenges businesses face are a combination of things. 

Firstly, there are multiple platforms – Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snap, Clubhouse… then each platform is complex in itself, plus they change all the time, the pace at which these platforms change is very high. 

To add to this mix – social media is a place where you need to communicate ongoingly, if you disappear for a few months, people might think you closed the business. 

Watch the full panel discussion here:

And by being present all the time I mean you need to make sure that you cover all 6 aspects**: strategy and planning, copywriting, design, paid ads, community management and analysis and reporting.

Most businesses don’t keep up with the enormous number of platforms and/or don’t allocate enough resources to manage it at a professional level. 

So many of them actually end up thinking that social media doesn’t work for businesses which is, if we go back to where I started – a miss-out. 

Those who are and master these aspects as mentioned enjoy huge opportunities. 

A common mistake is to think that social media or online marketing in general is like a vending machine – you insert money and something comes out on the other side immediately 😊

It doesn’t work like that, on top of everything I said, you need patience and consistency over time.”

**More about this here.

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