Just human

Written by Chen Hindi

On October 20, 2023

This is the morning of October 7th.

I was doing the one thing I love doing the most which is sharing my professional knowledge.

And because I was in a different time zone and delivering a professional training, I was in temporary ignorance of the unimaginable violence against civilians happening in my home country.

Little did I know what would unfold in the next few hours, days and now – weeks, to come.

Any human who was exposed to the horrific stories and footage can’t stay the same.

They shouldn’t stay the same.

There is no “but”.

There is no justification.

There shouldn’t be any excuse.

You don’t need to be an Israeli or a Jew to feel the pain and the heartbreak.

Just human.

I hope for better days to come, as quickly as possible, for everyone.


You can’t stay the same. You shouldn’t stay the same 🥹

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