Planning your LinkedIn content

Written by Chen Hindi

On October 30, 2023

If you want to get noticed by the people you want to reach on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to create content so that you appear where they spend most of their time: the feed. 

I think of it in a five-step process: plan, create, publish, engage, learn.

Whereas the first step, planning, is the most vital, here’s why.


To become visible to the people you want to reach on LinkedIn, you must create content so that you will appear on their feeds. The process I recommend for achieving this involves five steps, with the first step, planning, being the most crucial. #linkedinprofile #linkedinprofilereview #linkedinprofiletips #linkedinprofileoptimization #linkedinprofiles #linkedintrainer #linkedintraining #linkedincourse #linkedinworkshop #linkedincoach #chenhindi #learnontiktok @LinkedIn

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