The beast of them all

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 10, 2023

With Threads’ unheard-of success these past few days, here are two quick reminders – 

1. This is what Facebook (the company) knows how to do. When I talk about Facebook, people are very skeptical because they think: “Facebook is dying”, “it’s for old people”, “other platforms are more trendy”. But not only do they have a huge ecosystem with Facebook (the social media) being by far the largest social media platform in the world, they also fundamentally understand product design. 

2. Google+ had hundreds of millions of users, and after years of trying, Google ended up burying it. So let’s give it a minute.


Facebook Inc., now Meta, is by far the largest social media and instant messaging ecosystem in the world. Here’s how it became that. #facebookacquisitions #instagram #whatsapp #messenger #instantmessaging #wechat @Facebook

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