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Written by Chen Hindi

On July 21, 2023

To understand if a platform is successful, it’s not just about asking how many people use it in general or on a monthly basis. 

You must also understand how many of them are actively using it on a regular or daily basis. 

A perfect example of this is Google+. 

Google+ was Google’s attempt at creating a social network. 

Despite having hundreds of millions of users, they weren’t really interacting with the platform. 

And as a result, Google decided to sunset it, which is a nice way to say that they shut it down.


It’s not enough to ask how many general or monthly users a platform has. The follow-up question must be how many of them are active regularly or daily. Google+, Google’s attempt to create a social network, was an excellent example of this. Despite having hundreds of millions of users, they weren’t engaging with the platform, and as a result, Google ended up sunsetting the product. #learnontiktok #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #businesstok #chenhindi #googleplus #metamaus #metadaus #facebookmaus #facebookdaus #digitalmarketingtips #onlinemarketingtips @Facebook @Google

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