You can’t keep only the good stuff

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 17, 2023

The fourth step in your 5-step plan to engage your LinkedIn network is engaging with interactions.

Especially when your reach expands, you’ll likely encounter more people who may not agree with your viewpoints, leading to comments that challenge your ideas.

It’s important not to let this discourage you.

On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to foster meaningful conversations about topics you care about.

Engaging in these discussions not only keeps the conversation alive but also helps maintain a high level of engagement with your audience.

Keep in mind that when you respond to people, it’s not just about addressing one person; you’re also talking to all those who are reading the conversation.


The fourth of the 5-step plan to engage your LinkedIn network is to manage the engagement on your content. Most of the time, especially when you start out with content creation, you will either not get much response and/or you’ll receive mostly positive feedback. Later down the road, the more reach you will have, the more people who don’t necessarily agree with you will comment on your posts. Don’t let that discourage you. On the contrary, you should encourage conversations around topics you care about, plus, it helps to keep a high engagement. Remember that you’re replying not only to this one person rather to all the others who are reading the thread. #linkedinprofile #linkedinprofilereview #linkedinprofiletips #linkedinprofileoptimization #linkedinprofiles #linkedintrainer #linkedintraining #linkedincourse #linkedinworkshop #linkedincoach #chenhindi @LinkedIn

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