UX in 60 seconds

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 27, 2021

So, we use Google Data Studio to create all our reports. 

Until a few months ago, we’d go on datastudio.google.com, choose the relevant report, right click and then open it in a new tab. 

Why a new tab? Because we work on around 60 reports at the beginning of each month, the intuitive thing to do is to avoid the back and forth from the main website. 

But then one day, Google changed something and we couldn’t right click anymore. 

We needed to keep coming back to the main website, search, open, repeat. Anywhere between 60-100 times for each one of us on my team. 

Sounds petty? Trust me, it’s not. 

This is what (bad) user experience looks like. It’s how you make your users feel, and even if it doesn’t seem so, it has an enormous impact on your brand. 

BTW #1 – Google changed back the settings (happy dance!) so, I guess we were not the only ones frustrated. 

BTW #2 – while Google can “bear it” because – hey, it’s Google – all the others can’t. Think about it the next time you want to cut corners on UX.

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